Open Letter from the President

Losing a final is never easy, especially with the consistent hard work we put throughout the season. Reflecting back, 13 months of hard work, sacrifices and accomplishments. Over 140 training sessions amidst a ravaged season due to the covid pandemic.

However, as a team, we kept pushing through, breaking barriers. This year, we could have lifted a trophy, took two photos and we end it there. However, we lost a trophy and we gained a family for a lifetime. Because after the final whistle we saw 14 gentlemen consoling each other and united more than ever.

That is our biggest win, and no medal and trophy would have given us that satisfaction.

This is not just a team.

This is family.

We have shown that local talent is capable of playing at the highest level. Our philosophy, our vision, our battle will continue going on.

The upcoming season will be another important milestone for our Club. I can only promise that the objective is to always improve ourselves both on the court and off the court. Whilst we await the perfect timing to start announcing some important projects, the team is also working hard in improving the squad during the transfer window.

We will keep working to reach our objectives through our philosophy and vision. The road is now clearer than ever to us.

This Club will rise again and the fierceful Knights will show their true strength and courage to once again prevail in the upcoming season. We now look forward more than ever to have supporters back with us and to encourage our Knights in our battles.