The UM Futsal Annual General Meeting 2020/21

On the 19th of July, the UM Futsal team conducted its Annual General Meeting.

The meeting was chaired by Dr Stefan Cutajar after the approval of the present members. The Agenda and the meeting minutes of the previous AGM were read by Dr Cutajar and approved by the present members.

President Kurt Rizzo presented the Yearly Overview giving some insight on the results and objectives achieved by the Club, the number of sessions and games, a thorough overview of the squad and the progress, and also the objectives achieved when compared to those set at the beginning of the season.

The AGM continued with the reading of the Admin Report by Secretary-General Joy Attard. Ms Attard described the heavy focus that was given to the administration aspect with the organisation managing to achieve three funding mechanisms to help the Club. These were the Small Initiatives Scheme which helped in doing the design and implementation of a brand new website, the Training Initiatives Scheme which helped the organisation in covering some training slots costs, and also the Good Causes Fund which will cover some investment into new kits & attire and also new equipment. There were also other funds that were not achieved throughout the year.

Additionally, the Club invested in an on-cloud platform to store documents and eliminate paper-based administration. The Club also managed to retain the VO and Sport Malta certificates, whilst also managing to build the first business register of the club. There were also two students who helped out as internship students in the build of the website. One of the students also managed to help build a new data analytics section for the organisation to start collecting data and analyse it.

The International Office Report was presented by Ilaria Formosa whereby it was presented that although we managed to plan the Planning weekend for the Executive Committee, the current pandemic didn’t allow us to conduct a training camp for the players and also two foreign trips for students and youths. Ms Stephanie Dalli, Events Manager echoed this sentiment in her Events report as few online events were conducted since limited physical events were allowed to be done.

These reports were followed by the Social Policy Report from Ms Karen Louise Stoner who explained all the social policy events and campaigns conducted throughout the year whilst also giving an insight on the ‘Get Your Head in the Game’ Policy document that was launched a few weeks ago concentrating on the mental health aspect of athletes.

The Esports Office Report was read by Mr Zack Camilleri and an overview of the past three seasons was given. Mr Camilleri explained the hard work that needed to be done to get players aboard the project and the astounding achievement obtained by getting back-to-back promotions and making it into the Premier Division. This is also followed by the possibility of representing the University of Malta in the UEFA Europa League.

Mr Jeremy Vassallo and Ms Nicole Mallia presented the Marketing and Public Relations Reports respectively. Being two offices that worked closely together, there was a heavy focus to get the marketing and branding of the organisation to a new level. Apart from providing constant artwork to the futsal and esports teams, there was also a focus on the campaigns to help the events, social policy, and also esports department. The pinnacle of the year was that the organisation managed to implement the long-awaited project of the website and improving its social media channels through likes and views, such as the re-branding that was given on the YouTube channel.

Ms Kelly Xuereb, Finance Officer, presented the financial accounts of the year alongside Vice-President Nicole Agius. Ms Xuereb gave an overview of the income & expenditure report and also the Balance Sheet. This was a good year as the organisation managed to keep the books healthy once again whilst also registering a profit. The audit report for the season 2019/2020 was also approved and all Tax Returns and VAT Returns were also compiled and submitted to the IFRS.

Dr Cutajar proceeded with asking for a vote of confidence on all reports with the present members approving the reports. This vote was followed by the Statutory Amendments and General Motions with some Statutory changes occurring and being approved.

Nominations for the new positions were read out by Dr Cutajar and one vote was taken to be approved. The new Executive Board will be composed of the following persons:

President – Kurt Rizzo

Vice-President for Futsal Affairs – Jeremy Vassallo

Vice-President for Student Affairs – Kelly Xuereb

Secretary-General – Joy Attard

Finance Officer – Claire Spiteri

Marketing Manager – Naomi Deguara

Public Relations Officer – Nicole Mallia

Social Policy Officer – Hertian Salameh Cachia

Internal Affairs Officer – Michaela Briscoe

Esports Officer – Zack Camilleri

Events Manager – Ilaria Formosa

Events Officer – Karsten Agius

International Officer – Karen Louise Stoner

The objectives for the forthcoming year read by elected President Kurt Rizzo in which it was described as a new important year whereby the Club will be focusing to:

  • continue working on its strong administration process,
  • funding schemes to help the organisation in its projects,
  • continue strengthening the futsal squad, and
  • working on a €7 million project which will see the organisation develop its own courts and ancillary services making the club self-sustainable for the future.

The organisation would also like to thank outgoing members Nicholas Martinelli, Nicole Agius, and Stephanie Dalli for their stellar work during the past years.

The organisation also co-opted Ms Chiara Vassallo as Marketing Officer during its first Executive Committee meeting and she will be joining the rest of the Board for the forthcoming season.