The UM Futsal Awards Night

On the 17th of July, the UM Futsal Executive Board held the annual awards night for the players along with some members and supporters abiding with Health Regulations. This event marks the end of a season and rewards the players for their continued sacrifices and hard work throughout the year.

The players were awarded on a ten (10) awards system and these were spread amongst the votes received and submitted by the players themselves, technical staff, and Executive Board.


Top Scorer

This year, the UM futsal top scorer was Cleaven Portelli amassing 8 goals throughout the season followed closely by Denis Di Maio and Stefan Camilleri who scored 7 goals each


Best Newcomer Award 

This award is voted for the best player who joined the team during the past year as a new signing for the Club. This year, Stefan Camiller was voted as the Best Newcomer 2020/21.


Best Overall Player

The Best Overall Player was claimed by none other than Club Captain Dylan Cacciattolo who put on a string of fine performances throughout the year which helped the Club keep its strong position in the league.


Most Improved Player

This award is given to the player who improved mostly during the season. This year, our newcomer Dylan Mintoff was voted as the most improved with the player himself showcasing his talent during the league matches and also being called up to the shadow squad of the Maltese National Team during his first futsal season.


Most Committed Award

The award was claimed by Calvin Scicluna who throughout the season continued assisting the team wherever possible and helping out even though he played the least minutes during the season. Calvin is a testament to the brilliant team spirit that has been felt through the squad for the whole season.


Best Banter Award

This award was given to none other than Paul Scerri who kept the team spirit alive with his jokes and fun spirit during the season whilst also going to 'Tony's' every once in a while.


Best Team Player

For the 2020/21 season, vice-captain Neil Cauchi was unanimously voted as the best team player for the season having been there for the team since its inception and keeping his loyalty towards the Club.


Best Supporter Award

Although supporters couldn't attend the matches, there were always supporters watching the games live-streamed and cheering on our squad. This year, Chiara Vassallo showed resilience to closely watch our team and the games whilst also getting sometimes frustrated when we don't score or results don't go our way (don't worry Chiara, we all feel the same).


Best Exec Member Award

A new award set up this year saw Secretary-General Joy Attard claiming it for the hard work that she put towards the organisation throughout the season 2020/21.


President's Award

This award is given directly by the President to an individual who excelled throughout the season for a particular reason. President Kurt Rizzo announced that the award was given to Alex Ellul who took over the squad during the last four matches. Alex showed a strong character and positive attitude to take the reigns of the team in the most crucial time and lead the Club to another final.


After all awards were given, a thank you gift was given to all players for their work put up during the past season.


The Club would also like to thank PAMA for sponsoring the event.