UM Futsal at Science in the City 2021

The Club has participated in the annual event organised by Science in the City whereby the main focus this year was to promote the sport of futsal and the work being currently done by the Club and also the Futsal Malta Association.

The event was moderated by Perit Duncan Muscat, President at TDM2000 Malta, whilst Kurt Rizzo (president of UM Futsal), Paul Scerri (player with UM Futsal), and Mark Borg (president at the Futsal Malta Association) took part in the discussion that ensued on the topic.

The event started off with a Kahoot questionnaire to participants whereby several questions were being asked with regards to the futsal sport and those getting the correct answers and with the least time taken to respond, got the most points. This was done in order to give participants already some insight into the world of futsal.

Kurt Rizzo went on to introduce the Club and the work that has been done throughout the past years with a focus on the challenges the Covid-19 pandemic brought with it. Mark Borg amplified this discussion with the challenges the Association had to face especially to manage to finish off the season.

Perit Duncan Muscat further discussed with the others of the current strategies in place to manage to promote the sport locally and attract new players to try out this sport.

We wholeheartedly thank Perit Duncan Muscat, Perit Mark Borg, and Paul Scerri for attending this event organised by the Club and promoting the futsal sport on such a platform.